Sunday, October 17, 2010

Faux Reality Review

When it comes to local bands in Kansas, it can be a risky business. The music scene in the Wichita area, as it stands, is something of a grab bag of heroes and zeroes. In the case of El Dorado's up-and-coming indie rockers, Faux Reality, you get a taste of the more talented side of the state.

 Since their humble beginning in early 2007, they've built upon their foundations as a pop-punk garage band up to seasoned Saturday night show heroes. They have certainly earned their spot on top of this small-town music scene with their long track record of performances all around the city, and it comes without surprise that they would hit the studio in late 2010 to record their debut EP, Faux Reality. With this release they display not only their growth as artists, but as individuals as well. They've transgressed the adolescence of their infamous Bonita demo and have found their footing as performers as shown by their superb instrumental work throughout the EP. It's been in the works for years, but now Faux Reality finally shows that they are a legitimate group worthy of a serious glance.

The most apparent and surprising change from Faux Reality's past work on their new EP is the gorgeous production value. The instruments all sound crisp and clean as they flow smoothly during the opening moments of "Nothing To Prove" up until they crash together for the first verse. With this they show their mixed influences from alternative and pop-punk bands of the last decade, the chorus of the aforementioned song displaying a blink-182-esque energy while the crescendo of "To The Sky" utilizes a classic indie formula. These varied styles allow Faux Reality to shine in what they do best -- performing with youthful vigor. It's clear upon first listening how far this band has come in terms of instrumentation as they create smooth and appropriate soundscapes for the lyrical content of each song.

And in terms of said lyricism, they provide what is expected. They float comfortably over their former adolescent rhymes in a fresher zone of above-par writing and give the listener a very enjoyable experience when paired with the other superb aspects of the EP. The catchiness of "The Vessel" is perfect for singing in the car and the wide variety of instruments and melodies on "To The Sky" work wonderfully as the soundtrack to a night walk. Fans of pop-punk, alternative, and even a little indie will find something to enjoy on this release and that's all that could be asked of for this slowly evolving group. If they hadn't yet caught your attention, perhaps Faux Reality can obtain your interest with their most recent (and easily most impressive) release, Faux Reality


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