Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Song Of The Day 1: The Chariot - David De La Hoz

Before the release of their 2010 LP, Long Live, The Chariot were never the band to break any barriers or shatter any formulas. They were your typical metalcore band, and a reasonably good one at that, but they never moved past what lead singer Josh Scogin established with his previous band Norma Jean. However, on their aforementioned 2010 release, he finally took his group in a new direction, while still staying somewhat the same. Along with the tried and true methods of their previous record, Wars and Rumors of Wars, they incorporate interesting additions to their music and this is perfectly summarized on their first single, "David De La Hoz". Accompanied by the pounding drums and suffocating guitars, there's the appearance of Dan Smith (of Listener) who jumps in mid-song for a spoken-word surprise. His poetry adds wonderfully to the song, creating a contrast not often seen in recent metalcore tunes. Along with this, there's the soft, atmospheric harp and harmony at the end to flow smoothly into the next track of the album. These unique features help separate The Chariot from the rest of the modern metalcore scene, which is certainly in need of a little variety.

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