Sunday, December 19, 2010

Song of the Day 6: Person L - Untitled

Kenny Vasoli's shout to begin the inspiring "Untitled" is so goddamn energizing that sometimes I can't help myself from starting the song over just to feel that rush again. His newest band, Person L, stemmed from the pop-punk stars The Starting Line, but they couldn't be any more different. This group has a much more focused indie sound which works well with Vasoli's vocal style as he is able to flow easily with the melodies that the group backing him stirs up. However the pinnacle of their abilities is shown superbly on the aforementioned title-less song, as it explodes with such pure force and energy that it's almost a testament to Vasoli's shift from his former work. From one of the best records of 2009, "Untitled" is by-far one of the best songs that Person L has created.

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