Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Song of the Day 13: Listener - Ozark Empire, or a snake oil salesman comes to your town.

Listener is without a doubt one of the most interesting artists I've come along in the past year. I've rummaged through indie blog after indie blog trying to find new artists, but it was Dan Smith's appearance in The Chariot's music video that caught my eye more than anything. On his newest release Wooden Heart (review for it here) he explores the art of spoken word poetry, but this wasn't always his style. On some of his earlier releases, Return to Struggleville in this case, he explored a sort of hip-hop like approach to his poetry. The song above is a testament to how simplistic, but powerful, his music is. Banging on an old washer with the handle of an axe to make a beat? Dre watch your back.

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