Monday, March 21, 2011

Song of the Day 19: Cursive - Big Bang

Cursive is own of those lovely little bands I've stumbled upon through the magnificent thing known as the internet. When I discovered they were touring with one of my favorite bands (Alkaline Trio) last year, I immediately dug up every album from them I could. God, what a fantastic discovery. Through most of their work they never really focus on one certain subject matter. They jump from divorce, to the terrors of fame, to Happy Hollow's fairly blatant theme of religious doubt. "Big Bang" is the essential song to represent the album, and perhaps the band as a whole. The enormous presence of horns on this song (and the record it comes from) shows the group's versatility with their instrumentation. This is also shown by the beautiful use of the cello on The Ugly Organ. I highly, highly recommend to this band to anyone who has a thing for energetic and passionate music.

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